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Top 10 Acrylic Painting Techniques By Chris Cozen

Top 10 Acrylic Painting Techniques By Chris Cozen

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Essential Painting Techniques in Acrylics
In this video workshop, you’ll learn the ten essential techniques every abstract acrylic artist should know. Chris Cozen takes you, step by step, through each technique. You’ll love experimenting with stamps and making acrylic skins that will transform your art into your own unique style and expression. From stenciling basics and glazing to creating textures, drawing on paint to creating skins, you’ll find tips for maximizing the use of your acrylic paints, along with some of your other favorite tools.

You’ll learn painting techniques, such as:

  • How your colors behave and which ones play well together
  • How to paint a finished piece that stays true to your vision
  • How to work on unusual surfaces and adapt them to your style
  • How to correct mistakes and erase paint

One of the best things about acrylic is its versatility, and abstract painting provides the freedom to explore! With these techniques as your foundation, you’ll find that acrylics are inspiring, and will match your level of ability, whether you’re an advanced student or trying the medium out for the first time. The techniques in this video are easy to pick up and start practicing right away. You can use all the tools and techniques, or find which ones work best for you and adapt all of these techniques to your work space and style.

Preview Top Ten Acrylic Painting Techniques now to learn fun and practical application techniques for stencils, learn all about drawing on acrylics with graphite and pastel, and how to soften bright color with glazes. Then, stream Top Ten Acrylic Painting Techniques at ArtistsNetwork.TV, pick up the DVD, or download it straight to your computer from

Learn More about Chris’s Work

Chris Cozen is a member of the Working Artist Program for Golden Artist Colors, Inc. She lectures and teaches throughout Southern California and is the author of several books on acrylic painting techniques. With a background in education, Chris teaches workshops and classes to artists with a full range of experience. Visit Chris’s website for more information.

Want to learn more about Chris’s favorite acrylic painting techniques? Pick up a copy of her book, Acrylic Solutions, also from North Light Books, or her other videos on glazing techniques and painting color, texture and value.


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