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The Pelvis: Figure Drawing

The Pelvis: Figure Drawing

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Figure Drawing: The Pelvis

This is the free 13 minutes long version of the 1hour 33 minutes long video lecture on a figure sketch of the pelvis.
The pelvis is yet another large mass in the human body and just like the rib cage, it contributes greatly to the concept of construction of the figure. Whilst keeping the anatomy to bare minimum, these landmarks will assist you in working out the orientation, rotation and proportion of the pelvis in relation to the other parts of the body when you figure sketch.

Instructor bio:

This video is from figure drawing instructor Robert Stollar, a self-taught sculptor with a passion for figure drawing. A passion and, of course, a necessity. He lives in Sydney, Australia with his beautiful wife and three dogs, working as a sculptor and teaching figure drawing.

For those who cannot attend his classes in person Robert has an online version of the lectures at Figure Drawing Online.

Watch the video: Beginner Figure Drawing 4 of 10 - How to CONSTRUCT the figure (July 2022).


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