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Art Tip File: Dont Be Afraid of Titanium White

Art Tip File: Dont Be Afraid of Titanium White

An art tip from Jeannie McGuire.

“While many watercolorists avoid the use of white pigment, I embrace titanium white, which has the opacity to cover or obscure other pigments. I use titanium white to help unify the background and subject as well as different parts of the subject. Also, I brush on this white to obscure details or draw attention to a particular area—sometimes accomplishing both purposes at once. Combining titanium white with other pigments creates an infinite array of colors and tones. When used in any capacity, next to a transparent pigment or the white of the paper, this white pigment will either pop or pull back, achieving depth and richness.” ~ Jeannie McGuire from the May 2012 issue (“Beyond the Likeness”).


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