Oil Painting: Kevin Sanders Plein Air Landscapes

Oil Painting: Kevin Sanders Plein Air Landscapes

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In this online exclusive gallery, view more examples of plein air landscapes by Kevin Sanders, one of the artist featured in the September 2008 issue of American Artist.

Ponte Vecchio
2006, oil, 18 x 24. All artwork
this gallery private collection, unless otherwise indicated.
Landscape with Brook
2007, oil, 19 11/16 x 39 3/16.
Tramonato nel Chianti
2004, oil, 19½ x 27½.
2005, oil, 13½ x 39 3/16.
Via Luce
2005, oil, 19½ x 27½.
Moonlit Olive Grove
2005, oil, 19½ x 27½.
Winter Glow
2006, oil, 15 x 35.
Autumns Peak
2006, oil, 20¼ x 30.
Winter Sunset
2004, oil, 13½ x 19¾.

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