American Journey Watercolors

American Journey Watercolors

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Cheap Joe, as you undoubtedly know, sells art supplies at wholesale prices; he also manufactures them—most notably a Golden Fleece line of brushes and a line of watercolors called American Journey that are advertised as having “the largest tube of any professional watercolor” and as being “fully compatible with all other brands of watercolor.” There are 53 colors, including new ones like titanium white, lamp black, Getz gray, sky blue and true green. In addition to the standard names are some irreverent ones, for example: red hot momma, rambling rose, passionate purple and bumblebee yellow. “The tubes are so big that some people assume American Journey colors are student grade; they aren’t,” said Joe when we caught up with him in Boone, North Carolina. “American Journey watercolors are artist’s grade, top quality.”

“In the past I’ve encouraged my students to buy Cheap Joe’s American Journey line because they’re fat tubes at a fair price, but I’ve been reluctant to give up my old favorite colors,” said Taylor Ikin, an award-winning artist . “However, I’m a firm believer in change. If you want to keep yourself fresh, you’ve got to force yourself out of the comfort zone. I haven’t had a clean white palette in years! But now I’m working with about 17 American Journey colors and I’m enjoying them very much.”

The Results
“American Journey watercolors are thick and creamy in texture, fresh and bright in color; they stand up well and hold their color after drying. Cheap Joe’s catalogue gives a complete description of the composition of each color as well as a rating for lightfastness, staining or non-staining properties, etc. This information is valuable if you want to know the lifting capabilities and the way the paints will interact with one another. The same information is in readable print on each tube.”

“American Journey paints are lively in color and long-lasting on your palette. They’re slow to dry out, and even though I put out fresh paint each day, I like my palette to reflect my previous work. American Journey watercolors are easily reactivated and can be made to mix well with your new fresh paint. This is an important feature to me.”

Product Information
You can order American Journey watercolors from Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff. Tel: 800/227-2788; web site: www.cheapjoes.com.

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