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Jacob Collins and Alex Powers

Jacob Collins and Alex Powers

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To read about Jacob Collins and Alex Powers, see the May 2007 issue of Magazine. Here are some pieces that didn’t appear in the issue.

Jacob Collins

Chevre and Figs (oil, 8×10)

Carolina (oil, 22×20)

Fire Island Marsh (oil, 7 5/8×15 1/2)

Male Figure (graphite, 15×12 1/4)

Candace (oil, 36×50)

Alex Powers

Civil War Soldier

Not a Good Year

Abandoned Creek House

Tan Man

Pure Movement

Born in New York in 1964, Jacob Collins studied art in Europe, at the Art Students League and the New York Academy of Art. He received a bachelor of arts degree from Columbia College in 1986. He is founder of the Water Street Atelier and cofounder of the Grand Central Academy of Art. Besides appearing in more than 15 group and solo exhibitions, Collins’s work resides in several notable collections, including the Forbes Collection and at Harvard University’s Fogg Museum. He’s represented by Hirschl and Adler Modern in New York City. Visit to learn more.

“My reasons for painting relate to content more than form,” says Alex Powers from his studio in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. A teacher for 28 years, Powers is the author of Painting People in Watercolor: A Design Approach (Watson-Guptill, 1989). His work is represented by City Art in Columbia, South Carolina; Anne Connelly Fine Art in Baton Rouge, Louisiana; and the Gallery on Newcastle in Brunswick, Georgia. Visit

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