Wheres Artists Sketchbook?

Wheres Artists Sketchbook?

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We’ve been posting many obits lately, and it seems to me things might be getting a bit morbid. So, one last (belated) obit—for a time.

Artist’s Sketchbook magazine was full of creativity and had a zest for life, yet met with its untimely demise in June 2006. Sketchbook was the beloved step-child of Magazine and she leaves behind several editors (and art directors) who worked on her pages and who still inhabit these halls.

We do miss her and want to get the word out that she is no more–no, you cannot subscribe. However, you can order old issues by doing a “quick search” here, on our back issues page.

R.I.P. Artist’s Sketchbook


Watch the video: Sketchbook Tour #15 + decorating my new one! (July 2022).


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